What Is an Elo Boost in Chess and in League of Legends?

League of Legends is a video game. Specifically, it’s a free-to-play MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It’s based of a Warcraft III custom map around the time when Warcraft was more of a battle arena videogame instead of a 3D fantasy world that it eventually became in World of Warcraft. Elo boost is when you level up your account or boost your ELO with the assistance of a more experienced player, which is against the rules. Elo was first used in chess as a ranking system. The Elo rating in chess calculates the relative skill levels of its players. Elo rating system isn’t only applicable to chess but also to other zero-sum games that incidentally include League of Legends.

Named After and Other Bits of Knowledge


  • Arpad Elo: A Hungarian-American physics professor named Arpad Elo created the skill level rating system known as the Elo rating system, which is also named after him. As for Elo or skill boosting, you don’t see that in chess because of the live nature of it. However, because in League of Legends you can allow other people to access your account, you can raise your levels and rankings with the assistance of another more skilled player.


  • Elo Boosting in League: Elo boosting in League of Legends is all about when high ranked players log into the customer’s account to play to their desired rank in the game League of Legends. It’s not legal and you can get banned or fined for doing this. The other term used for Elo boosting is MMR boosting or Match Making Rating boosting.


  • Queue Types and Their Elo Connection: The Solo or Duo Queue involves 1-2 players and is useful for boosting for a more serious ranked player. Lots of hardships and frustration (“salt”) await those who do this, especially if you’re a less skilled player.  The ladder used during preseason is last year’s ranked ladder so you’ll start where you left off. 5v5 or Flex Queue allows 1-5 players to play with friends in a less serious version of Solo or Duo, but it involves loads of matchmaking problems. Both types impact your MMR or Elo rating.
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