Choose the cheats that are more powerful than what your opponents use.

It would really be a headache if you have to struggle with those hacks that would immediately get you caught by the surveys that are being conducted on the game sessions that you are involved in. The virtual cameras that are located in the games without your knowledge would definitely catch hold of you though you may be cautious enough in applying the hack. This does mean the people who are developing the hack would not be aware of what is being done inside of the game. Along with giving enough fun the pubg game owns the responsibility that none of the players would be demotivated because of the hacks and cheats that are applied by the other players.

But, as you see that the people who bypass the queue would be able to go fast to the target destination and hence this is the common approach that is followed. Though some call this approach as cheating some call it as survival instinct. So, whatever might be the terms you use to win the game, you should be very cautious about choosing the best pubg cheats that would not let be caught by the virtual cameras that are focused on your moves that you make against the opponents.
You should also be aware of the fact that the opponents might use more powerful cheats than you and hence they would get to know what sort of cheats are applied by you. If you think the opponent is likely to use such cheats then it is always good that you do not use any cheats but if you want to do so, then do prefer those cheats that could never be caught by the ban code that is written by experts. Hope you know have the understanding about what to do and what not to do.

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